Overview of what is Redux Router and Redux First Router example. We use React Router instead of Redux Router. But now you can play with Redux Router. First of all you need to know what is Redux Router and why should we use Redux Router instead React Router ? React Router source of truth for your URL. But Redux source of truth for your data . You can take decision to use a Redux-based router to centralise your application data in your Redux store. you can choose Redux First Router.

Main Features of Redux First Router:

  • All app data, including routing data, is in Redux.
  • Redux First Router dispatches an action on every route change, making it easy to fetch data with a thunk or saga on page load.
  • Debugging is easier when you have a record of all route actions alongside all actions.
  • Components do not need to know where they are nested, nor do they need to point to hard coded routes.

Now, You can play with Redux First Router step by step. Follow below instructions:

Create your project file structure as like this for Redux First Router example.

What is Redux Router and Redux First Router exampleStep 1. Setup your React Environment.

Step 2. Install list of some module as mentioned in package.json file.

Step 3. You need to create views directory inside your components as like below:






As like many more components, you can create.

Step 4. Create routes directory and routes directory inside create index.js file and add here all components.

Step 5. Create state directory and state directory inside user directory inside, you need to create actions.js and reducers.js file.



And inside state directory you need to create the reducers.js file.

Step 6. Create store directory inside configureStore.js file.


Step 7. Now, finally you need to modify created index.js file inside the root directory.


you can run the command “npm start“.

How it works

As the app loads, store/configureStore.js runs and sets up Redux First Router as the location node in the Redux store. Right after it loads, the store dispatches its first route action, which in the demo example above is ‘HOME’.

That action sets an object in the Redux store with all routing information inside.

Wrapping up

Redux First Router provides routing data in Redux while keeping the URL in sync. This helps bring all application data into one place, which simplifies application logic. In addition, it does not require special routing components spread throughout our app, or passing routing data back and forth between a component and the Redux store.

Summery of What is Redux Router and Redux First Router example

  1. Learn about Redux Router.
  2. Advantages of Redux Router.
  3. Created demo application using Redux Router.

You download from Github

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