Higher Order Components (HOC)

A higher order component (HOC) is an advanced way to re-using component logic and it is a function that takes a component and returns a new component that is known as Higher Order Components (HOC).

In other words, A Higher Order Component is just a React Component that wraps another one.

What can you do with Higher Order Components ?

  • Code reuse, logic and bootstrap abstraction
  • Render High jacking
  • State abstraction and manipulation
  • Props manipulation
Why are HOCs Useful ?

1. Basically Higher Order Components provide wraps another component, it useful for following condtion

  • Do things before and/or after it calls that component
  • Avoid rendering the component if certain criteria is not met
  • Update the props passed to that component, or add new props
  • Transform the output of rendering a component (e.g. wrap with extra DOM elements, etc.)

2. Because HOCs can be applied to any component, functionality can be implemented once and re-used for every component that needs it.

These two attributes make HOCs a good tool for implementing cross-cutting concerns or common functionalities, such as logging and tracking.

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